Best European Theme Parks to Visit with Family

Discover some of the most exotic and ideal destinations for a family getaway that are a lifetime experience and promise more thrills and adventure. At the same time, these destinations could make all your fairy-tale fantasies true. A visit to these theme parks in Europe, is sure to guarantee the fun and excitement you might be missing. In case you like traveling in more relaxed way, check our list of the Best All Inclusive Family Resorts in Europe.

So, here’s our Best European theme parks list:

PortAventura, Spain


Featuring four different themed areas, mind-blowing water rides, enthralling roller coasters and fascinating boat rides, it has the famous mine train and mirror maze, in addition to the captivating drop towers. The aquatic park, resorts and the light shows are a luxury, while the Dragon Khan and Hurakan Condor entice the fear. For children, the Tami-Tami, Magic Fish and a visit to Elmo’s farm is the perfect entertainment, while the Pirate Rides and SesameAventura are a dream come true.

Disneyland, France

Disneyland Paris Parade - Timon

Topping the list of famous theme parks, it offers a wide range of high-adrenaline rides, roller coasters, stage shows and meets, while the Disney characters roaming around, the spinning teacups, the railroads and the underwater walk-through ride are incredible. Adventure Isle and The Phantom Manor are really worth visiting. It is quite an experience to visit Alice’s wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean Ship and The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Overall, Disneyland is full of adventure and fantasy that you would not want to miss, whether you are a Disney fan or not.

Europapark, Germany


Probably one of the largest amusement theme parks in Europe, with about 13 roller coasters, and 100 rides. With the Alpenexpress Enzian and Voletarium, it is a wonderful experience for the kids, with the Cinderella, Rapunzel fairytale themes. Along-with the breathtaking rides, the boat rides in African Queen I and II, the Silver Star and the 4-D cinema, it also hosts carnivals from early November to January, when it resembles a wonderland covered in snow. The ice revues, Children’s Theater, and resorts contain many attractions for the little ones.

Efteling, The Netherlands


Evolving from a nature park, this fantasy-themed park features fairytale, folklore, myths and legends. Catering to adults and children with its wide array of amusement rides, pedal trains, roller coasters, boat rides and of course, the unforgettable Fairytale forest, that is a host to Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and other mythical creatures. A ride on “Python” and the Pirana, is going to churn your stomach, while the Haunted Castle and Villa Volta will surely give you goosebumps, enticing the fun furthermore. The Candy House from Hansel and Gretel will simply amaze you.

Popeye Village, Malta

Popeye Village

Located at Anchor Bay, built to use as the film set of “Popeye“, ┬ánow Popeye Village serves as the attraction park. It features rustic and ramshackle buildings and offering many colorful fun activities for all young and youthful. The Film set, comic museum and Animation shows are a sight to behold. Also, the Santa’s toy town, Cinema and the boat rides will leave you awe struck and breathless. The Carnival, Halloween and Christmas packages are a treat to the tiny tots. Kid’s parties and the water park along with the rides and pools are also available.


Indeed, these theme parks in Europe are a memorable and thrilling experience. Your excitement would last a lifetime, not to mention the precious time, you get to spend with your family.

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