Tips for Traveling With a Toddler in a Car

Travelling with kids, especially on a long road trip with kids can prove to be cumbersome.

We all want to make sure our children are safe while driving on the road. You would want to make sure that your toddler is safe, secure and comfortable in the back seat, that he/she is entertained during the travel, that your kid is not hungry and many more other cares.

Travelling by road with a toddler can be dreadful. However, it can be fun if well planned. This article is intended to shine some light by providing some tips for travelling with a toddler in a car. This is a must read for every parent and aspiring parents.

The following are some of the essentials that you may need before you embark on a trip with a toddler:

  • Prepare proper Road snacks
  • Road trip games and other car activities for toddlers
  • Child seat and seatbelts
  • Proper vehicle for the trip
  • Comfortable clothes for your kid
  1. Prepare Proper Road snacks

Snack Break!

Prepare some healthy food for your kids before you leave your premises. Avoid junk foods though. Food is not only healthy for your toddler but it also keeps them distracted and this in turn makes your road trip with kids more peaceful. Some of the food that you can pack for your kids includes: Boxes of raisins, string cheese, grapes, apple slices, dried fruits, goldfish crackers, gummy fruit snacks etc. When preparing your snacks, endeavor to be creative.

  1. Road Trip games 

Road Trip Kit *Crate Paper*

Bring with you toys and other items for car activities for toddlers for the children to play with. These toys keep them distracted. It is advisable to carry new toys as the toddler will be keen to play with them unlike the one he used to. Be keen on the selection of the toys you decide to bring to the trip. Some of the toys you may decide to bring along may include stickers, trinkets, dolls, magnifying glass, noise makers etc.

You can also download some Apps for Kids. ABC Mouse Apps will work out great for your kids.

  1. Child seat and seatbelts

black and blue baby car booster seat

This is one of the most crucial items that you will need while preparing for a road trip with kids. Safety and comfort is paramount. Avoid at all cost to rent a car seat for your child. Renting a car seat raised some doubt about the condition of the seat, the cleanliness of the seat, the right size of your child, health condition of the seat etc. We recommend that you buy your own car seat for your toddler just to be sure of the safety and comfort of your kids.

  1. Proper Vehicle for the road trip

2011 Chevrolet Traverse

Do not underestimate the need to prepare your car before the journey begins. You do not want to develop mechanical problems on the road while travelling with your child. Be careful to select the car with the best condition. Make sure you visit your mechanic for general checkup several days before the travelling day. Be sure to carry an extra wheel just in case of an emergency. Ensure the tank is loaded with fuel to avoid embarrassments on the road. Best road trip cars should be spacious reliable, and comfortable.

Some of the best cars for a road trip with kids to consider would include:

  • 2008-2012 Chevrolet Traverse
  • 2009-2011 Ford Escape Hybrid
  • 2005-2011 Honda Element
  • 2011-2012 KIA Optima
  • 2013 Hyundai Elantra
  1. Comfortable clothes for your kids


Regardless of the time that you are travelling, whether during the day or by the night, ensure the child is put on comfortable clothes. At night, put your toddler in some pajamas. Other comfortable clothes such as stretch pants, light t-shirts are great to dress your toddler in if you travelling by the day. Comfortable clothes keep the baby in good moods and this makes your road trip with kids quite enjoyable.

Driving with a toddler should never be a nightmare to you. All you need is good preparation and the right equipment for the road trip. We wish you a safe and enjoyable road trip but always plan ahead of time.

Top 5 Best Christmas Fairs in Europe to Visit With Kids

With the Christmas season here with us again, it’s very important to prepare early. If you want to get into the Christmas mood then there is nothing as good as a visit to one of the best Christmas fairs in Europe. While some of these markets have changed a bit, you will still feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Apart from finding wooden stalls selling homemade crafts, you are also likely to have a feel of some snow on your feet. From sleigh rides and ice rinks to craft workshops and puppet shows, you will find all the fun that you need. Here are the top 5 best Christmas fairs in Europe to visit with your kids.


  1. Nuremberg 28th November – 24th December

Christmas Markets, Nuremberg

This is perhaps one of the best Christmas fairs in Europe. Apart from smelling anis, cloves, and cinnamon, you will also see the glow of candlelight light that will warm your heart. All these will remind you of your childhood Christmas. A visit to this place will awake some of your old memories and even create new ones. It’s, therefore, an amazing place to share with your family and friends and even anticipate the kind of joy that it will bring. Interestingly, they even have specific fairs for children built at the right height so that they can view everything that’s going on. There is also a lot of food and drinks.


  1. Brussels 27th November – 3rd January

Brussels' Christmas Market

With a constellation of Christmas lights, fairground, and over 250 chalets selling all kinds of souvenirs, Brussels Christmas fair is perhaps the biggest Christmas fair in Belgium. Beneath the vast Christmas tree and the fairy light wheel, the smell of chocolate will attract you from one stall to another. While at Brussels, you can also enjoy light show at the Grand Place and listen to the night sound, traditional bands, and marching bands. If you’ve got some time and money then this is the best place to spend your Christmas.


  1. Vienna 15th of November – 26th of December

Vienna Christmas market

For most travelers, Vienna is the best place to celebrate Christmas. During Christmas, the whole city turns into a magical, gigantic, and unique Christmas fair. Providing things that are specific to both young and the old, this place will leave you with unforgettable Christmas memories. Considered as among the safest destinations, it’s the perfect place to spend time with family, friends, and even lovers. As you explore the place, sweets, Christmas decorations, and heartwarming drinks await you. It’s definitely a place that you don’t want to miss this Christmas.


  1. Amsterdam Late Nov to early Jan 5

Christmas year around

As compared to other Christmas fairs, at Amsterdam, you will find 26 Christmas markets. As a visitor, some of the best markets to visit are Museumplein and Leidesplein where there are wooden chalets with hand warming drinks and hearty festive food. Since they have healthy meals, you don’t have to worry about how healthy they are. If you are visiting between December 1st and January 21st do not forget to check out the Amsterdam Light festival to witness the city’s canals light up. With nice hotels and decent prices, you can rest assured that your Christmas weekend is sorted.


  1. Gothenburg 25 Nov to 17 Dec

Christmas market

As one of the biggest Scandinavia’s biggest Christmas fairs, Gothenburg is a place where you can enjoy roasted reindeer and marinated herring. Decorated with over five million lights, the Liseberg Amusement park has a lot to offer. For instance, you can just sit around campfires and enjoy traditional Sami food or wander around and see attractions. It also has specific areas where children can meet Father Christmas and see the magical ice-skating ballet. More so, you can go on a treasure hunt and knight’s training or just wander beside the fairy tales castle. Do not forget to visit the rabbit land where you will enjoy watching children shows and see how these rabbits celebrate Christmas.


Although you might think that it’s too early to start preparing for Christmas, if you want to secure an amazing Christmas trip, then you need to start thinking about some of these places. These Christmas fairs are not only great for family and friends but also have specific arrangements for children. Apart from all the hand warming drinks and hearty festive foods, you will also have a chance to pick up ornate decorations, handmade gifts, and tasty sweet treats. Try them out this Christmas and sample what they offer.

Cruising With Kids: 5 Family Cruise Tips

Cruising is one of the best choices for a family vacation. Cruising with kids is always memorable and eventful due to the adventurous nature of kids. Cruise lines are mostly family friendly and offer supervised facilities and activities for kids onboard. Here are some tips that will help you plan and have that exciting family cruise. No secret that planning a trip could be a hassle. It is always exciting and challenging planning for a cruise with your family particularly if you plan on cruising with kids considering there are so many factors that need to be put under consideration.

The list of Five Essential Family Cruise Tips:

  1. Learn about the limitations of babysitters

The Babysitter

Some cruise lines offer babysitting services on board so in case you bring the baby or babies along. You can take some time off while your sitter helps you with the baby. Babysitting services are not always available on cruise lines. They are also quite expensive and are not always available.

You can for example not request a babysitter prior to the cruise so sometimes when you need a sitter one might not be readily available for you.

Other ships also only let you to request a sitter at least 24hours in advance making it difficult to get one impromptu. Before going on a family cruise please do thorough research on babysitting services offered on the cruise ship to avoid disappointments.

  1. Bring your own safety features

Bosphorus. Istanbul, Turkey

When you bring your kids along for a family cruise, it’s important that you know how to handle safety onboard in case of anything. As much as cruise lines provide safety features and guidelines, it’s important for you to bring your own safety features. You might for example want to bring a multi-outlet power strip to charge electronic devices. Phones might not have service so it’s advisable for you to bring walkie talkies to be in constant communication with your kids in case of anything.

You might also want to come up with a few family safety guidelines together as a family prior to the trip and have the children have basic information that can help them find their way in case they are lost e.g. the name of the cruise line and your room number.

  1. Make a research about Each Port of Call


Before embarking on a family cruise, you need to make research about each port of call for your cruise line as this is the premier stop from where they will take on you and your family for that cruise holiday you have been looking forward to. Normally, ports of call are pre-assigned in a cruise vessel’s potential itinerary and as such the vessel is required to visit these ports within the specified time-frame.

  1. Research activities available for Each Child


Cruise ships offer supervised activities for children to enjoy during the cruise. It is important that you involve the kids in researching and picking activities available for them on the ship prior to the cruise.

  1. Don’t Worry About Picky Eaters

Buffet Food

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Do not worry about that. Just do a lot of prior research on places offering picky eater-friendly diet choices. A lot of cruise ships have restaurants onboard that can make picky eaters happy.

Do not be scared of going on a cruise just because you have kids. Pack up, follow our family cruise tips and have a wonderful vacation!





Five Essential Family Travel Safety Tips

Family traveling is fun as well. You get to enjoy and share moments with your loved ones, spend more quality time with your kids and tell them all the stories from your childhood. However, as much as that sounds fun, traveling with family, especially children, can be challenging and difficult as compared to being just you on the trip when safety is in question. Certain aspects such as swimming, diving, hiking etc. have to be in perspective because you are going on vacation obviously adventuring is going to be a part of it. Worry no more, as we have brought you family travel safety tips from a survey that made us narrow down 5 essentials safety guides for you so that you don’t have to return home due to an injury just after just two days!

Family travel safety tips:

  1. Have A Plan If You Get Separated

Lost Child - Berlin

Adults don’t have to read this one (I hope). Its normal actually to get separated during vacations in some crowded destinations such as Disney Land or Santa Monica Pier etc. Children have the tendency to explore and run away and due to the crowd parents can lose track of them. Hence keeping such a situation in mind you:

  • Have your child dressed in bright colors to be easily seen.
  • Teach your children to your phone number and area code also to how to use a payphone. Always put some money, change preferred, in their pockets for such a use.
  • Instruct your child to not talk to strangers and not take anything especially edibles from them.
  • Ensure your kids have family-crisis contacts and info related to the hotel you’re staying in tucked into their pockets.
  1. Bring Common Medications for Emergencies

First Aid Kit Contents

Of course, there will be hospitals in the cities that you are going to visit. Nevertheless, one cannot be sure about their location; you can be on the highway when your wife accidently eats a snickers bar although being allergic to peanuts, your child getting a fever etc. Hence, it is only smart to keep certain medications such as pain relievers, antihistamines, anti-itch gel cream, mosquito repellants etc.

  1. Be Mindful of Surroundings


Know exactly what your destinations are going to hence pack and shop accordingly. The weather, food availability, medical services etc. have to be kept in mind. In addition, certain things can be illegal in various areas, so keep mindful of that as well. Do your research before planning anything.

  1. Bring Safe Snacks and Drinks


Although you can buy food and drinks from the places, you are going to visit but it is always nice to have your own home-cooked edibles as well. You can bring along frozen meals, and fruit juices and warm them up whenever fed up from the daily take-out food routine. Bringing your own food gives you the comfort of knowing what will be inside the food thus no stressing over allergic attacks.

  1. Don’t Post On Social Media

Couch Potatoes

We comprehend it appears like safe fun, and you simply need to flaunt the excursion you buckled down for on Facebook and Snapchat but it’s also essential to secure yourself, your home, and your possessions, so keep those photos and details until your home.

Keeping these family travel safety tips in mind, your next family vacation should be safe, fun and more memorable than the ones you had before and by doing this research for you, we just made sure of that. Enjoy!

Things You Forget to Pack for a Trip

While it is true that most people remember to carry their wallets and passports, a vast majority of travelers underestimate the usefulness or power of some of the seemingly trivial but nice-to-haves. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by air or having a road trip,  including to your packing list items such as voltage converters, umbrellas, raincoats, corkscrews, bottle openers, underwear, chargers, and much more will certainly boost the quality of your family trip while saving you time and money at the same time. Below we list some of the most useful items most people forget to include in their packing list.

Top 6 Items travelers forget to include into a packing list:

  1. Voltage converters (Outlet Adapters)

Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

If you are traveling overseas, then you will certainly find it useful to invest in quality voltage converters or outlet adapters. It is worth noting that most US appliances operate optimally with an electricity supply of 110 volts. While North America, the Caribbean, and Japan use between 100-125 volts, the rest of the world use 220-240 volts. Therefore, buy the right voltage converters before you embark on your travels. Power sockets also differ by country.

  1. Umbrellas and Rain Coats


Depending on the destination you are traveling to, you will quickly discover that weather forecasts can be either family trip’s best friend or greatest foe. Whether it will rain or shine, you can get your weather forecasts from the meteorologists. They will give you an idea of the weather conditions to expect. Even if the weather forecasts look nice and favorable, you may never know when a sudden thunderstorm or shower will occur. So remember to carry your umbrellas and raincoats.

  1. Corkscrews and bottle openers


How often have you packed your favorite bottles of wine, six pack or soft drinks only to get to your hotel room and realize painfully that you have no corkscrews and bottle openers? Always remember to carry a few corkscrews and bottle openers and enjoy your favorite drinks while vacationing.

  1. Underwear


The underwear, which is the all-important undergarment, must never be left out of the packing list. While it is one of the most vital items, most people always forget to pack a few pairs of underwear.

  1. Chargers

Phone Charger 2

Today’s world is technologically obsessed, meaning you can never do much with your devices if their chargers are missing from your luggage. Yet another scenario: you probably remembered to pack your phone charger only to discover that you left it on the outlet while connecting flights at the airport. Fortunately, you can always buy a new charger, but if you would like to save a few bucks, then you should remember to pack your chargers.

  1. Long-Sleeved Shirts

Long sleeve

Long-sleeved shirts will always come in handy in many circumstances. Assuming you’re traveling to a cold region, you can keep warm with your long-sleeved shirts. Furthermore, they can protect you the annoying mosquito bites as well.

Wherever you plan to travel to with your family, you’re definitely going to enjoy every moment! However, you need to think through the list of vacation activities beforehand; as this will help you determine what you need to carry along everything you shall need for the family trip. In addition, always pack light because it will always help with mobility. When you remember to carry the listed item, you can expect to enjoy your family trip.

Long Flights With Kids: Air Travel Tips

Flying with kids might be the most beautiful or the most challenging experience. It depends how kids behave and how they react during the long flights. Some of them will make a real performance in the airplane, which could be very difficult for the parents. In this case, there are few air travel tips that help most of the times. Sometimes, family road trip is a better option.

Air travel tips for long flights with kids:

Bring food

classic airplane food, on Air Niugini

Food is the ultimate helper here. If your kids like certain food, bring it to the airplane. As long as it is allowed, choose the food that makes your kids satisfied. Chocolate, juice or a candy bar is always a good solution. The favorite food will keep them busy and you will have more time to rest. Pay attention to the official requirements and bring the food that is suitable for airplane. This usually means bringing unopened products with original wrapping material. You will certainly find something that your kids like. The flight will be easier for all of you.

Make your baby comfy

This smiling kid could be a future astronaut

It is important to make your baby comfy during the long hours. The airplane is usually full of people and that might be the problem for your baby. Even adults don’t feel comfortable in the airplane sometimes. It’s no wonder why kids become nervous. In order to minimize their discomfort, bring the things they enjoy. The favorite pillow, some toys or iPad will be interesting. Make them feel like at home, but don’t exaggerate. Seats full of mini racing cars won’t be a pleasant scene for the flight attendant. Some passengers will think the same. Whatever keeps your child interested, you should try to avoid mess.

Be friendly

Airplane seating

If this mess happens, there are some things that help. Excuse yourself and pick up the toys. Kids usually learn from parents and that is why your behavior matters. If you are polite to the other passengers, your kids will try to mimic your attitude. It is ideal opportunity to be a role model. Situations in the airplane are unique because of the specific atmosphere. People will be more understanding if you are friendly and kind. They won’t notice every restless moment of your kid and the journey will be more comfortable.

Beware of ear-popping supplies

Attention Not Given

Taking care of the ear-popping supplies is very important in the airplane. When you change the diapers, someone will certainly hear it. Make sure you keep it silently, so the other passengers cannot complain. The same thing is with noisy gadgets. Try to make the things smooth and quite most of the times. People around you will be thankful. As a result, your kid will be more quite as well.

These air travel tips will make your flight completely enjoyable. Sometimes, the kids are restless, but fortunately, there are good solutions. Use these tips to make your time in the airplane better. Passengers around you will be much happier and your kids will be calm. A good flight with the kids is possible. You only need to have the right approach and a lot of patience.

Our Top Five Greatest Road Trip Movies

Our wise elders had already given the secret of happy family, by saying, “Family that eats together and stays together”. But we being busiest creatures of entire world are unable to follow it. So what is solution for this? We have to make our own compensating routines for spending quality time with our family. Spending quality time with family (watching family road trip movies, for example) not only ensures the strong bonding of members but also passing the generation old knowledge and wisdom and sharing of huge lot of experiences that would guide the younger once. There is an opinion that mother is your first teacher, which is correct. In addition, there is one more saying that nature is best teacher, which will ensure passing of all wisdom in it.

Now we don’t have so much time to learn from each of above…can we plan something, which will contain all above elements, without any new burden and special events? Of course, we can. Just plan a family holiday. If it is a road trip than much better. Don’t you believe me? Then you must go through following some movies focusing on road trips. They are funny, entertaining and will touch your soft corner at a same time.

Our List of Greatest Road Trip Movies to Enjoy With Your Family:

Vacation (1983, USA) - 01

National Lampoon’s Vacation

The first movie I would like to recommend is “Vacation” (1983) by Harold Ramis. This is definitely one of the greatest road trip movies in existence.

Here’s the plot:

This is the story of man namely Clark Griswold, who wants to take his family to, “southern California amusement park valley World” for spending the quality time and holidays as well. Only thing is that he wants to travel around the country by road for reaching the amusement park with his wife and children, which were not at all interested in road trip but are interested in air travel.

The troubles started even before start of journey as he has to compromise on his car itself. Then anyhow journey is started, in which his wife insisted to go out of road to meet some relatives where their plan changes due to addition of some elderly lady relative who wants them to drop her on their way. The car they have taken is old worn out and giving troubles, the elderly woman, and her dog are increasing those troubles. It was not enough when wife’s purse stolen and they have money trouble too. Luck seems completely off with them as the elderly woman is dead in sleep and they have to abandon her dead body. By the time, complete family has lost interest in park and the trip only our hero seems to determine enough for going ahead and taking all of them with him.

Finally, when they arrived at park, luck did its masterstroke by informing them that park is closed for 2 weeks. Gosh, still hero is not disappointed and forcefully enters into the park. The police has to come along with manger of park. After knowing complete story of their travel, the family visits the park along with police. The happy ending. The determination of hero, the problem solving skill and the family bonding is what makes it must watch film.

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Second one on the list is, “Little Miss Sunshine”. This film includes the typical family having stepbrother and grandfather and uncle. Little olive wants to participate in beauty pigment in California, for which family has to travel by road, which a car that needs the push every time it has to start. All the typical mess with unique family starts in journey. While coming they lost the grandfather, who was main teacher of little olive, they reached the competition few minutes late, after certain amount of drama she is allowed in competition, but after looking other glamorous contestants her parents knew the results. Still they encourage her. However, looking at her dance organizer’s wants her out of it instantly but family goes on stage and dances with her. Finally, by agreeing not to participate in any competition in California they left for home.

Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man

Next movie is “Rain Man” which shows how the road trip bonds two brothers, of which one Is having mental condition and $ 3 million dollars of father and other id fit AS FIDDLE and has only rose bushes. At the end, how the fit bro is giving up everything he wants for brother is heart touching.

We're the Millers (2013)

Now I would like to introduce 2 family road trip movies which doesn’t have family by blood but one is two strangers coming together for travelling to Chicago – “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and other one is how a small smuggler forms fake family for his defense i.e. , “We’re The Millers”.

Both of these films shows hardship while travelling together, they involve police, goons and mafia dons. Nevertheless, at the end it show that family doesn’t need to be of blood bond, it has to be felt by heart.

On concluding note I can say the well said quote in this changing world nothing is permanent than family. Travel with them and make the lifetime memories. It would be great when taking all challenges and problems head on knowing to keep all family in mind.

Wish you happy travel!

Best Road Trip Games to Enjoy With Your Kids

Majority of the parent dread going on family road trips. Having your little one on such a long trip that takes hours can stress you up big time. If they are not poking, they are whining or doing the basket squabbling. It is just too much to handle. However, you do not have to worry about anything. Luckily, there are many ways that you can keep your kids occupied throughout the trip. If you are here, it is because you are looking for ways to keep your kids busy when going on a trip. Well, you have come to the right place. Here are the kids road trip games that your will keep your kids busy through the entire trip.

For more ideas on your next family trip destination, please check our list of Best European Theme Parks to Visit with Family.

The List of Road Trip Games:

The License Plate Game

Wienermobile Licence Plate

The license plate game is a common game during road trips. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Your kids should write down the names of the region/country code that they spot on their way. They have to write as many names as possible. This game will keep them occupied since they will be looking outside the window for the plates. Moreover, it is a great way of learning Europe geography.



The Battleship is yet another game that your kids can play when on the trip. You have to print out the game ready for your trip. It is suitable for the older kids since it requires reading letter and numbers. This game became popular in 1930s. You can also make a game board on your own. You just have to label one grid enemy ships and the other one my ships. The grid should be 10 by 10. Number each of the columns from one to ten.

Crocodile Dentist


The crocodile dentist will see your kids assume the role of a dentist can treat the crocodile. Your kids should pull out the aching tooth in the crocodile. There are tooth tongs that they will use to remove the tooth. Your kid should not pull out the teeth that trigger the crocodile temper. If the crocodile growls, then the game is over.

Map Quest


The quest will also keep them busy. Rules are very easy: name a city and ask your kids to find it. Your children will learn a bit of geography by doing the map quest. It is fun and engaging.

Team Storytelling

2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat all packed in the backseat

All children love the story telling session. Try becoming a little creative and come up with juicy tales to tell your kids. You can keep everyone engaged in the story telling by ensuring that each person adds a line to the story. The same story could last for hours. You can make the game fun and challenging by passing a rule that all the line should rhyme.

That’s the list of the games that will keep your kids engaged throughout the trip. You can have a peaceful and fun trip without worrying about your kids poking each other or asking the “are we there yet” question. Road trip games for your family are a great way to engage your kids and make them become creative. You will get the best time on the trip.