Top 5 Best Christmas Fairs in Europe to Visit With Kids

With the Christmas season here with us again, it’s very important to prepare early. If you want to get into the Christmas mood then there is nothing as good as a visit to one of the best Christmas fairs in Europe. While some of these markets have changed a bit, you will still feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Apart from finding wooden stalls selling homemade crafts, you are also likely to have a feel of some snow on your feet. From sleigh rides and ice rinks to craft workshops and puppet shows, you will find all the fun that you need. Here are the top 5 best Christmas fairs in Europe to visit with your kids.


  1. Nuremberg 28th November – 24th December

Christmas Markets, Nuremberg

This is perhaps one of the best Christmas fairs in Europe. Apart from smelling anis, cloves, and cinnamon, you will also see the glow of candlelight light that will warm your heart. All these will remind you of your childhood Christmas. A visit to this place will awake some of your old memories and even create new ones. It’s, therefore, an amazing place to share with your family and friends and even anticipate the kind of joy that it will bring. Interestingly, they even have specific fairs for children built at the right height so that they can view everything that’s going on. There is also a lot of food and drinks.


  1. Brussels 27th November – 3rd January

Brussels' Christmas Market

With a constellation of Christmas lights, fairground, and over 250 chalets selling all kinds of souvenirs, Brussels Christmas fair is perhaps the biggest Christmas fair in Belgium. Beneath the vast Christmas tree and the fairy light wheel, the smell of chocolate will attract you from one stall to another. While at Brussels, you can also enjoy light show at the Grand Place and listen to the night sound, traditional bands, and marching bands. If you’ve got some time and money then this is the best place to spend your Christmas.


  1. Vienna 15th of November – 26th of December

Vienna Christmas market

For most travelers, Vienna is the best place to celebrate Christmas. During Christmas, the whole city turns into a magical, gigantic, and unique Christmas fair. Providing things that are specific to both young and the old, this place will leave you with unforgettable Christmas memories. Considered as among the safest destinations, it’s the perfect place to spend time with family, friends, and even lovers. As you explore the place, sweets, Christmas decorations, and heartwarming drinks await you. It’s definitely a place that you don’t want to miss this Christmas.


  1. Amsterdam Late Nov to early Jan 5

Christmas year around

As compared to other Christmas fairs, at Amsterdam, you will find 26 Christmas markets. As a visitor, some of the best markets to visit are Museumplein and Leidesplein where there are wooden chalets with hand warming drinks and hearty festive food. Since they have healthy meals, you don’t have to worry about how healthy they are. If you are visiting between December 1st and January 21st do not forget to check out the Amsterdam Light festival to witness the city’s canals light up. With nice hotels and decent prices, you can rest assured that your Christmas weekend is sorted.


  1. Gothenburg 25 Nov to 17 Dec

Christmas market

As one of the biggest Scandinavia’s biggest Christmas fairs, Gothenburg is a place where you can enjoy roasted reindeer and marinated herring. Decorated with over five million lights, the Liseberg Amusement park has a lot to offer. For instance, you can just sit around campfires and enjoy traditional Sami food or wander around and see attractions. It also has specific areas where children can meet Father Christmas and see the magical ice-skating ballet. More so, you can go on a treasure hunt and knight’s training or just wander beside the fairy tales castle. Do not forget to visit the rabbit land where you will enjoy watching children shows and see how these rabbits celebrate Christmas.


Although you might think that it’s too early to start preparing for Christmas, if you want to secure an amazing Christmas trip, then you need to start thinking about some of these places. These Christmas fairs are not only great for family and friends but also have specific arrangements for children. Apart from all the hand warming drinks and hearty festive foods, you will also have a chance to pick up ornate decorations, handmade gifts, and tasty sweet treats. Try them out this Christmas and sample what they offer.

Best Road Trip Games to Enjoy With Your Kids

Majority of the parent dread going on family road trips. Having your little one on such a long trip that takes hours can stress you up big time. If they are not poking, they are whining or doing the basket squabbling. It is just too much to handle. However, you do not have to worry about anything. Luckily, there are many ways that you can keep your kids occupied throughout the trip. If you are here, it is because you are looking for ways to keep your kids busy when going on a trip. Well, you have come to the right place. Here are the kids road trip games that your will keep your kids busy through the entire trip.

For more ideas on your next family trip destination, please check our list of Best European Theme Parks to Visit with Family.

The List of Road Trip Games:

The License Plate Game

Wienermobile Licence Plate

The license plate game is a common game during road trips. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Your kids should write down the names of the region/country code that they spot on their way. They have to write as many names as possible. This game will keep them occupied since they will be looking outside the window for the plates. Moreover, it is a great way of learning Europe geography.



The Battleship is yet another game that your kids can play when on the trip. You have to print out the game ready for your trip. It is suitable for the older kids since it requires reading letter and numbers. This game became popular in 1930s. You can also make a game board on your own. You just have to label one grid enemy ships and the other one my ships. The grid should be 10 by 10. Number each of the columns from one to ten.

Crocodile Dentist


The crocodile dentist will see your kids assume the role of a dentist can treat the crocodile. Your kids should pull out the aching tooth in the crocodile. There are tooth tongs that they will use to remove the tooth. Your kid should not pull out the teeth that trigger the crocodile temper. If the crocodile growls, then the game is over.

Map Quest


The quest will also keep them busy. Rules are very easy: name a city and ask your kids to find it. Your children will learn a bit of geography by doing the map quest. It is fun and engaging.

Team Storytelling

2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat all packed in the backseat

All children love the story telling session. Try becoming a little creative and come up with juicy tales to tell your kids. You can keep everyone engaged in the story telling by ensuring that each person adds a line to the story. The same story could last for hours. You can make the game fun and challenging by passing a rule that all the line should rhyme.

That’s the list of the games that will keep your kids engaged throughout the trip. You can have a peaceful and fun trip without worrying about your kids poking each other or asking the “are we there yet” question. Road trip games for your family are a great way to engage your kids and make them become creative. You will get the best time on the trip.

Best European Theme Parks to Visit with Family

Discover some of the most exotic and ideal destinations for a family getaway that are a lifetime experience and promise more thrills and adventure. At the same time, these destinations could make all your fairy-tale fantasies true. A visit to these theme parks in Europe, is sure to guarantee the fun and excitement you might be missing. In case you like traveling in more relaxed way, check our list of the Best All Inclusive Family Resorts in Europe.

So, here’s our Best European theme parks list:

PortAventura, Spain


Featuring four different themed areas, mind-blowing water rides, enthralling roller coasters and fascinating boat rides, it has the famous mine train and mirror maze, in addition to the captivating drop towers. The aquatic park, resorts and the light shows are a luxury, while the Dragon Khan and Hurakan Condor entice the fear. For children, the Tami-Tami, Magic Fish and a visit to Elmo’s farm is the perfect entertainment, while the Pirate Rides and SesameAventura are a dream come true.

Disneyland, France

Disneyland Paris Parade - Timon

Topping the list of famous theme parks, it offers a wide range of high-adrenaline rides, roller coasters, stage shows and meets, while the Disney characters roaming around, the spinning teacups, the railroads and the underwater walk-through ride are incredible. Adventure Isle and The Phantom Manor are really worth visiting. It is quite an experience to visit Alice’s wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean Ship and The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Overall, Disneyland is full of adventure and fantasy that you would not want to miss, whether you are a Disney fan or not.

Europapark, Germany


Probably one of the largest amusement theme parks in Europe, with about 13 roller coasters, and 100 rides. With the Alpenexpress Enzian and Voletarium, it is a wonderful experience for the kids, with the Cinderella, Rapunzel fairytale themes. Along-with the breathtaking rides, the boat rides in African Queen I and II, the Silver Star and the 4-D cinema, it also hosts carnivals from early November to January, when it resembles a wonderland covered in snow. The ice revues, Children’s Theater, and resorts contain many attractions for the little ones.

Efteling, The Netherlands


Evolving from a nature park, this fantasy-themed park features fairytale, folklore, myths and legends. Catering to adults and children with its wide array of amusement rides, pedal trains, roller coasters, boat rides and of course, the unforgettable Fairytale forest, that is a host to Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and other mythical creatures. A ride on “Python” and the Pirana, is going to churn your stomach, while the Haunted Castle and Villa Volta will surely give you goosebumps, enticing the fun furthermore. The Candy House from Hansel and Gretel will simply amaze you.

Popeye Village, Malta

Popeye Village

Located at Anchor Bay, built to use as the film set of “Popeye“,  now Popeye Village serves as the attraction park. It features rustic and ramshackle buildings and offering many colorful fun activities for all young and youthful. The Film set, comic museum and Animation shows are a sight to behold. Also, the Santa’s toy town, Cinema and the boat rides will leave you awe struck and breathless. The Carnival, Halloween and Christmas packages are a treat to the tiny tots. Kid’s parties and the water park along with the rides and pools are also available.


Indeed, these theme parks in Europe are a memorable and thrilling experience. Your excitement would last a lifetime, not to mention the precious time, you get to spend with your family.

Top 5 All Inclusive Family Hotels in Europe

It is evident that the numbers of All Inclusive Family Hotels in Europe are increasing day by day. However, the reality is that not all hotels will provide packages of excellent value that will make you visit again. Here is the description of top 5 all Inclusive family Hotels in Europe that you need to check in once you have a family vacation.

Xanadu Island, Turkey

Xanadu Island Hotel, Akyarlar, Turkey

This is one of the luxurious all Inclusive family hotels that is located in the Peninsula. The resort is 50 km drive from medieval Neratzia Castle and the famous Tree of Hippocrates. The hotel has sophisticated exclusively suites that have free WI-FI, flat-screen TV and resting areas with sofa beds, mini fridges, and balconies. The upgraded suites have two bedrooms while private villas provide 4 to 6 bedrooms, private swimming pools, living room and dining rooms.

You can have a meal in any of the three high-end cafeterias. The hotel comprises of six bars, a spa, and a disco. You will also benefit from other amenities such as outdoor and indoor pools, sports courts and a beautiful amphitheater.

Usually, the price will vary from £134 to £338 depending on the average rates for a standard room.

Royal Savoy Hotel, Egypt

Royal Savoy -  Façade and Terrace

This is among the all Inclusive family hotels that feature island-themed decoration with elegant lodgings. All the rooms have free WI-FI, flat screens, and minibars. The room has beautiful balconies that allow you to have a clear view of the ocean. The suites contain kitchens and living rooms with sofas. On top of that, room service is available for upgraded suites only.

While in this hotel, you will enjoy free parking and breakfast buffet. There is also a refined restaurant with a beautiful ocean-view terrace, piano bar, and a swim-up bar.

Depending on the pricing of a standard room, their prices range from 193 – £432.

Ikos Oceania, Greece

Hotel Ikos Oceania, Moudana, Greece 2 October 2015

Ikos Oceania, surrounded by landscaped gardens, is a seaside resort that is almost 2 km drive from Dionisiou Beach. The hotel has a well-furnished terrace and floor to ceiling window. Its modish nautical-style apartment has minibars; flat-screen with DVD plays and free WI-FI. The rooms contain tea and coffee making appliances. The suites comprise separate living areas that have ocean views.

The amenities are five restaurants, refined spa, fitness center and direct access to the beach and pool with a bar.

Usually, the price ranges from £114 – £841 depending on the cost of a Standard Room.

Minoa Palace Resort, Greece

Swimming Pool Minoa Palace Resort and Sp 28 sep 2013

This posh all Inclusive family hotels with landscape garden face the sea and are located 14 km from Limnoupolis Water Park and 33 km from Chania International Airport. Its sophisticated rooms have free WI-FI, minibars, balconies and flat-screen televisions. The suite provides chic living areas while the upgraded suites come with private pools, beachfront areas, and hot tubs. On top of that, room service is accessible all day all night.

You will be served with free breakfast buffet and enjoy free parking. The hotel has five restaurants and 3 bars. Once you visit the spa, you will come across an indoor pool and a gym. The hotel also offers fitness classes and bike renting.

Price range from $212 per night.

Iberostar Royal Andalus, Spain

Iberostar Royal Andalus

Iberostar Royal Andalus faces the Atlantic Ocean, and it is 11 km from Campano Golf Club. All the casual apartments and suites have free WI-FI, terraces, and flat screens while others offer a clear view of the ocean. The family rooms have large living areas with pull-out sofas and whirl tubs.


Any moment you are organizing for a family vacation, consider visiting the Top 5 All-Inclusive Family Hotels in Europe mentioned above, and they will offer you an unforgettable experience.

Family-friendly Places and Activities to Enjoy in Lisbon

Lisbon, the city of seven hills, is a beauty to be seen once in a lifetime. If you are planning to visit Lisbon, then make sure you visit these amazing places and do fun activities with your kids.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal since the early 12th Century. It is also called as the city of seven hills because it is indeed built on seven hills. The houses and the ancient architectural buildings make Lisbon the 7th most visited city in the world.

If you are visiting Lisbon with your family, then there are some fantastic places to visit and activities to enjoy in the ancient town of Lisbon. You can take a cab or walk down the old footpath.

Play at Parque das Naçoes

Parque das Nações

Parque das Nacoes simply means Park of Nations. It is a beautiful ultra modern park build on the site of Expo 98. The Parque das Nacoes add a tinge of modern entertainment to the ancient city of Lisbon.

In case you are planning to visit Lisbon, then a trip down the Parque das Naçoes is a must. It is a family friendly place, which houses the best aquarium in the Europe. The Oceanarium has four massive glass aquarium that symbolizes the four Oceanic climates of the world. Tourists can stand below the giant aquariums and watch real live aquatic wildlife. School going kids can enjoy this activity and learn many things about the Oceans and its wildlife.

The Parque das Naçoes has a dedicated shopping center named after Vasco do Gama.

Visit Interactive Science Museum

Lisbon_EXPO_1998_10 Knowledge Pavilion

The Interactive Science Museum also called as the Pavilion of Knowledge is one of the best science museums for your kids. This museum is dedicated to teaching science to young children. It features different models and science toys to get kids to understand the concepts. It has a working model of Tesla coil, models of the earth, Faradays cage and many do it yourself experiments for the kids.

We are sure that your children will learn a lot and they will get more curious to learn.

Shop and relax at Colombo Shopping Centre

Colombo Shopping Centre Lisbon

The Colombo shopping center is one of the biggest shopping centers in Lisbon. It is a heaven for shoppers as it has over 340 shops, which sell almost everything, more than 60 restaurants and 8 cinemas including an IMAX. It also houses a kids care and playground for children.

Marionette Museum

Museu da Marioneta  - o Supremo Tribunal

How can a visit to Lisbon end without visiting the famous Marionette Museum, the puppet museum? The puppet museum has over 1000 puppets collected from all over Portugal. It also has puppets from all around the world including from China, India, Italy and many more countries.

The Marionette Museum of Lisbon showcases the different styles of puppets and how to make them. It is dedicated to the Marionette Theatre.

Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica

Kids love beaches, and Costa da Caparica gives you a family-friendly environment. Families visiting the Costa da Caparica beach can take a boat and start their first sea voyage. Portugal has a huge history of sailers such as Vasco da Gama, Colombus, and many others, your children will love to sail in the same waters as the legends.


To sum up, Lisbon is a beautiful city known not only for its ancient and historical places but also for the modern experience that it provides. There is a lot of good car rental services in Lisbon that you can make use of to travel around the ancient capital of Portugal.