Family-friendly Places and Activities to Enjoy in Lisbon

Lisbon, the city of seven hills, is a beauty to be seen once in a lifetime. If you are planning to visit Lisbon, then make sure you visit these amazing places and do fun activities with your kids.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal since the early 12th Century. It is also called as the city of seven hills because it is indeed built on seven hills. The houses and the ancient architectural buildings make Lisbon the 7th most visited city in the world.

If you are visiting Lisbon with your family, then there are some fantastic places to visit and activities to enjoy in the ancient town of Lisbon. You can take a cab or walk down the old footpath.

Play at Parque das Naçoes

Parque das Nações

Parque das Nacoes simply means Park of Nations. It is a beautiful ultra modern park build on the site of Expo 98. The Parque das Nacoes add a tinge of modern entertainment to the ancient city of Lisbon.

In case you are planning to visit Lisbon, then a trip down the Parque das Naçoes is a must. It is a family friendly place, which houses the best aquarium in the Europe. The Oceanarium has four massive glass aquarium that symbolizes the four Oceanic climates of the world. Tourists can stand below the giant aquariums and watch real live aquatic wildlife. School going kids can enjoy this activity and learn many things about the Oceans and its wildlife.

The Parque das Naçoes has a dedicated shopping center named after Vasco do Gama.

Visit Interactive Science Museum

Lisbon_EXPO_1998_10 Knowledge Pavilion

The Interactive Science Museum also called as the Pavilion of Knowledge is one of the best science museums for your kids. This museum is dedicated to teaching science to young children. It features different models and science toys to get kids to understand the concepts. It has a working model of Tesla coil, models of the earth, Faradays cage and many do it yourself experiments for the kids.

We are sure that your children will learn a lot and they will get more curious to learn.

Shop and relax at Colombo Shopping Centre

Colombo Shopping Centre Lisbon

The Colombo shopping center is one of the biggest shopping centers in Lisbon. It is a heaven for shoppers as it has over 340 shops, which sell almost everything, more than 60 restaurants and 8 cinemas including an IMAX. It also houses a kids care and playground for children.

Marionette Museum

Museu da Marioneta  - o Supremo Tribunal

How can a visit to Lisbon end without visiting the famous Marionette Museum, the puppet museum? The puppet museum has over 1000 puppets collected from all over Portugal. It also has puppets from all around the world including from China, India, Italy and many more countries.

The Marionette Museum of Lisbon showcases the different styles of puppets and how to make them. It is dedicated to the Marionette Theatre.

Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica

Kids love beaches, and Costa da Caparica gives you a family-friendly environment. Families visiting the Costa da Caparica beach can take a boat and start their first sea voyage. Portugal has a huge history of sailers such as Vasco da Gama, Colombus, and many others, your children will love to sail in the same waters as the legends.


To sum up, Lisbon is a beautiful city known not only for its ancient and historical places but also for the modern experience that it provides. There is a lot of good car rental services in Lisbon that you can make use of to travel around the ancient capital of Portugal.

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