Things You Forget to Pack for a Trip

While it is true that most people remember to carry their wallets and passports, a vast majority of travelers underestimate the usefulness or power of some of the seemingly trivial but nice-to-haves. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by air or having a road trip,  including to your packing list items such as voltage converters, umbrellas, raincoats, corkscrews, bottle openers, underwear, chargers, and much more will certainly boost the quality of your family trip while saving you time and money at the same time. Below we list some of the most useful items most people forget to include in their packing list.

Top 6 Items travelers forget to include into a packing list:

  1. Voltage converters (Outlet Adapters)

Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

If you are traveling overseas, then you will certainly find it useful to invest in quality voltage converters or outlet adapters. It is worth noting that most US appliances operate optimally with an electricity supply of 110 volts. While North America, the Caribbean, and Japan use between 100-125 volts, the rest of the world use 220-240 volts. Therefore, buy the right voltage converters before you embark on your travels. Power sockets also differ by country.

  1. Umbrellas and Rain Coats


Depending on the destination you are traveling to, you will quickly discover that weather forecasts can be either family trip’s best friend or greatest foe. Whether it will rain or shine, you can get your weather forecasts from the meteorologists. They will give you an idea of the weather conditions to expect. Even if the weather forecasts look nice and favorable, you may never know when a sudden thunderstorm or shower will occur. So remember to carry your umbrellas and raincoats.

  1. Corkscrews and bottle openers


How often have you packed your favorite bottles of wine, six pack or soft drinks only to get to your hotel room and realize painfully that you have no corkscrews and bottle openers? Always remember to carry a few corkscrews and bottle openers and enjoy your favorite drinks while vacationing.

  1. Underwear


The underwear, which is the all-important undergarment, must never be left out of the packing list. While it is one of the most vital items, most people always forget to pack a few pairs of underwear.

  1. Chargers

Phone Charger 2

Today’s world is technologically obsessed, meaning you can never do much with your devices if their chargers are missing from your luggage. Yet another scenario: you probably remembered to pack your phone charger only to discover that you left it on the outlet while connecting flights at the airport. Fortunately, you can always buy a new charger, but if you would like to save a few bucks, then you should remember to pack your chargers.

  1. Long-Sleeved Shirts

Long sleeve

Long-sleeved shirts will always come in handy in many circumstances. Assuming you’re traveling to a cold region, you can keep warm with your long-sleeved shirts. Furthermore, they can protect you the annoying mosquito bites as well.

Wherever you plan to travel to with your family, you’re definitely going to enjoy every moment! However, you need to think through the list of vacation activities beforehand; as this will help you determine what you need to carry along everything you shall need for the family trip. In addition, always pack light because it will always help with mobility. When you remember to carry the listed item, you can expect to enjoy your family trip.

Best European Theme Parks to Visit with Family

Discover some of the most exotic and ideal destinations for a family getaway that are a lifetime experience and promise more thrills and adventure. At the same time, these destinations could make all your fairy-tale fantasies true. A visit to these theme parks in Europe, is sure to guarantee the fun and excitement you might be missing. In case you like traveling in more relaxed way, check our list of the Best All Inclusive Family Resorts in Europe.

So, here’s our Best European theme parks list:

PortAventura, Spain


Featuring four different themed areas, mind-blowing water rides, enthralling roller coasters and fascinating boat rides, it has the famous mine train and mirror maze, in addition to the captivating drop towers. The aquatic park, resorts and the light shows are a luxury, while the Dragon Khan and Hurakan Condor entice the fear. For children, the Tami-Tami, Magic Fish and a visit to Elmo’s farm is the perfect entertainment, while the Pirate Rides and SesameAventura are a dream come true.

Disneyland, France

Disneyland Paris Parade - Timon

Topping the list of famous theme parks, it offers a wide range of high-adrenaline rides, roller coasters, stage shows and meets, while the Disney characters roaming around, the spinning teacups, the railroads and the underwater walk-through ride are incredible. Adventure Isle and The Phantom Manor are really worth visiting. It is quite an experience to visit Alice’s wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean Ship and The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Overall, Disneyland is full of adventure and fantasy that you would not want to miss, whether you are a Disney fan or not.

Europapark, Germany


Probably one of the largest amusement theme parks in Europe, with about 13 roller coasters, and 100 rides. With the Alpenexpress Enzian and Voletarium, it is a wonderful experience for the kids, with the Cinderella, Rapunzel fairytale themes. Along-with the breathtaking rides, the boat rides in African Queen I and II, the Silver Star and the 4-D cinema, it also hosts carnivals from early November to January, when it resembles a wonderland covered in snow. The ice revues, Children’s Theater, and resorts contain many attractions for the little ones.

Efteling, The Netherlands


Evolving from a nature park, this fantasy-themed park features fairytale, folklore, myths and legends. Catering to adults and children with its wide array of amusement rides, pedal trains, roller coasters, boat rides and of course, the unforgettable Fairytale forest, that is a host to Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and other mythical creatures. A ride on “Python” and the Pirana, is going to churn your stomach, while the Haunted Castle and Villa Volta will surely give you goosebumps, enticing the fun furthermore. The Candy House from Hansel and Gretel will simply amaze you.

Popeye Village, Malta

Popeye Village

Located at Anchor Bay, built to use as the film set of “Popeye“,  now Popeye Village serves as the attraction park. It features rustic and ramshackle buildings and offering many colorful fun activities for all young and youthful. The Film set, comic museum and Animation shows are a sight to behold. Also, the Santa’s toy town, Cinema and the boat rides will leave you awe struck and breathless. The Carnival, Halloween and Christmas packages are a treat to the tiny tots. Kid’s parties and the water park along with the rides and pools are also available.


Indeed, these theme parks in Europe are a memorable and thrilling experience. Your excitement would last a lifetime, not to mention the precious time, you get to spend with your family.

How to Find The Best Ice Cream in Barcelona

So, here you are in Barcelona enjoying the sights and having a great time with your family. It’s a hot sweaty day and you and your traveling companions decide that a cool refreshing ice cream is just what is needed to sweeten the day. The question you would most likely ask at this juncture would be; how to find the best ice cream in Barcelona. There are several top class places to get great ice cream in Barcelona, but here is a list of the best choices.


#seasonal #icecream: #sweetpotato & #honey and #chestnut or #marronglace at #delacrem @delacrembcn #🍧 Delicious!😙 #barcelonaeats #bcngourmet #bcndelicatessen #bcnamordiscos #eatography #foodoftheworld #takeateasy #topbarcel

Delacrem’s creator and current owner is an Italian, Massimo Pignata. You can easily find his ice cream shop at L’Eixample is well renowned for delicious eye-popping ice cream flavors. He uses 100% fresh natural ingredients. Most of the available seats can be found outside the café along the main road offering guests a lovely view of the surrounding architecture. DelaCrem is best known for its variety of mouth-watering ice cream flavors. There are about 12 ice cream flavors to pick from and the flavors on offer are constantly rotated. For a small price, you get a generous amount of real, natural, homemade ice cream.


Classic Liégeoise Waffle

Italians are world famous for their art, cooking and ice cream. Here is another wonderful ice cream spot also owned by an Italian. Find the Gelateria Acrobaleno  in Garcia, this store is well known and loved for its quality Italian ice cream flavors. The place uses pure natural ingredients and zero artificial flavors or sweeteners. There are about 26 flavors to excite various taste buds, so you can be sure there will be something for everyone in your family. Here you will find basic ice cream flavors, eccentric flavors, and even some adventurous creations. Whatever you pick is sure to be a delicious and exciting experience.

La Jijonenca

Haciéndole caso a los amigos de @La_Jijonenca y disfrutando de su helado de #Piruleta!! ^^

The La Jijonenca ice cream stand is a small gelato stand right in the heart of La Rambla. Though you would find several gelatos stands around, you would notice the attention this particular spot attracts. Have a taste of their ice cream and you would quickly see why. There are about 30 to 40 flavors to pick from, all delicious and in mouth-watering colors. The texture and taste is a treat you would not forget in a hurry. The spot uses natural ingredients and their ice cream has a really competitive price.


Ice Cream Sampler at Giangrossi's

The Giangrossi is a classy café where you can find delicious well-prepared meals and ice cream. The customer service here is a delight. There are several ice cream flavors to enjoy and you would find each of them a delightful treat. Beware the queues, especially, during weekends, because the place has become known for quality ice cream. The pricing here may be a bit higher, but no one leaves here dissatisfied. You would surely come back for more after experiencing the Giangrossi ice cream delight.

Tio Che

Helado artesano de chocolate negro en Barcelona. El tio che.

The El Tio Che is located in Poblenou and remains one of the best ice cream spots around the area. There are several friendly priced ice cream flavors to choose from. One trip and you would be hooked on its delicious and exciting flavors. You can also get the best hot drinks and horchata here. Expect to meet a queue when you visit the El Tio Che because many people come here for the rich, delicious home-made ice cream flavors on offer.

Barcelona is a tourist delight for its architecture, art, friendly people, nightlife, history, and now you know; it’s delicious ice cream. If you are ever in Barcelona, be sure to hire a Barcelona car rental service to try out one or more of these spots.