Top 5 Kids Travel Snacks


There are many things that children need as they require more care and heathier food and drinks than adults do. There are numerous kinds of kids travel snacks in the grocery stores.  We have gathered some of the best snacks for children that you can give to keep them full and preoccupied.

As a parent, or someone who has a sibling or any relative that is a toddler, you probably had thought about what snacks you are going to bring for the children in case they get hungry or throw tantrums.

For parents and those who have kids at home or younger siblings, it is known that traveling with children could be very intimidating, tiring and even dangerous. It takes a lot of work for them to be able to behave on the road or to not lose their temper in public. You never know how they would act once you are outside the house.

So, you can check five best kids travel snacks  below:

Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes is one of the best kids travel snacks. It is heathy, organic, it tastes amazing and it has all the nutrients that children need. It is made from puffed rice mixed with fresh apples and carrots. These rick cakes are iron enriched, and it is considered as a finger food, so it is easy for kids to eat, chew and swallow. It is also made in a perfect size that is not too overwhelming for kids to eat.

Veggie Straws


Another delicious and nutritious kids travel snack is Veggie Straws. These are vegetable chips that are made using vegetables. What is fascinating about this snack is that it comes in many flavors. Your kids can select which ones are your favorites and you can bring them on the road. This is a lot better than serving them the usual potato chips that you see on the market as those are rich in sodium and is not good for your health, especially for children who are still developing.

Nuts and Seeds


For those kids, who are very picky in what they eat, you can also serve them nuts and seeds. These are the best source for nutrients that your children need.  It has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, protein and fiber. Nuts and seeds can help with your kid’s growth and stamina and it will also make them feel full longer.


Greek Yogurt Vegetable Sandwich

If you ever get stuck on the road during lunch hours, you can pack a cheese stick or sandwich for your kids. Cheese is one of the all-time favorites of children. It is rich in vitamins and calcium and you can pair it with any meat that you would want to put on their sandwich. You can also prepare it using wheat bread to make it healthier or you can also do a cheese stick wrap to make it easier for them hold and eat.

Travelling with children can be fun. It can also serve as your bonding time with them. Nevertheless, make sure that their health and eating habits are not compromised when travelling. You can always pack those kids travel snacks and lunch that are easy to prepare and easy to eat. That will keep your children full and energetic when you travel.



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